Friday, October 8, 2010

darn you televsion writers.

don't you have anything better to do?
you just sit around and think up new tv shows just to suck the time right outta my life?
you know i am addicted.
you know there are a million other people like me.
you feed my addiction.
you spend all summer thinking up new story lines to suck me in.
you re-make shows, knowing i will want to compare.
you know i am an easy target.
that's why you keep sending nielson my way.
you know i have a dvr and am not afraid to use it.
don't you know that it's at max capacity?
MAX CAPACITY i tell you!!
the least you could do is send me a dvr that records 4 shows at once, instead of the lame 2.
you don't care...i know.
you know that if it won't fit on my dvr i will watch it online...cause your sneaky like that.

you know i will keep watching your new shows you put on the air.
even if it means no sleep.
add in football, post season baseball and nascar...yes people i watch nascar.
i can't help myself.
and those darn networks know that.
the're so mean.  MEAN!

i obviously need tv rehab.
i wonder if they have tv there?

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