Monday, October 18, 2010


today is my hubby's birthday...i won't tell you how old he is.  HA!
and just to be clear, we're almost 7 years i will always be younger :)

his parents came down sunday to celebrate.
his mom asked him what he wanted for his birthday lunch.
so she drug down all the stuff, plus her electric skillet and made them for him.
i don't own one and probably never will.
she said she hadn't ever had a request for a birthday breakfast.
she figured he would've wanted steak.
i guess he's getting easier to please the older he gets.

i made julie's manly version brunch bake. to go with the pancakes.
all craig wanted for his birthday was pancakes and to be able to watch the kansas city chiefs.
at home.
that's it.
normally he's working when they play.
like i said...easy to please.
it would of been nice if they had won close.

we made his parents eat in the living room so he could watch the game.
somebody really wanted some birthday breakfast too.
craig's parents brought him a giant k-state santa pillow....
she said they ran out of the kansas city chiefs.
...easy to please.
i'm sure come Christmas, miley will think its her's.

if your thinking i didn't get him anything for his birthday...
you would be wrong.
he got a new (to him) truck last month...
i had to give it to him early.
it's really hard to hide something that big.

happy birthday craig.
i love you so much!


  1. Sophie requested pancakes for her birthday supper, too! With strawberries and whipped cream! :)

  2. happy birthday to our favorite son in law (: like your ksu santa go k-state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love and blessings. mom and dad werries

  3. the surrogate teenager.October 24, 2010 at 2:46 PM

    hahaha, i got him a present too! i bought his car so you would have to buy him a truck :))


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