Monday, October 4, 2010

my weekend.

i dug out the long sleeved shirts, jackets and jeans this weekend....
i even had to throw an extra quilt on the bed.
...and it's back to piping hot baths before bed.
fall has definitely arrived.
i really hope the warm temps didn't disappear completely.
this cool down is way too soon for this summer girl.

i made a big batch of chicken chili for sunday.
my dad brought us a ton of apples from his tree...i made caramel apple cupcakes with them.  SO GOOD!
recipe to come later.  this blog post is way long as it is.  :)

we went to the high school football game on friday.
it was a big reunion weekend for the school's 125th year. 
it was crazy packed with familiar faces that i hadn't seen forever.
saturday i grabbed my neighbor amy j and we headed over to beki's barn sale.
we had a lot of fun shopping, eating, talking to people.
i came home with some yummy homemade black bean salsa and ordered some other cute stuff.
this was the first year for the sale...and i know it will only keep getting bigger & better.
now if we could just talk her into having it in the spring too.  :)

i finally unloaded all the pumpkins and put them on the porch.
 the one below is my favorite kind of pumpkin....blood shot eyes.

the blue ones are another favorite.
i did a little decorating inside too.
i found this awesome table cloth at target....
but i cut it up to make these.
much cuter as pillows.
you could buy the pillows already made at target, $12.99 for one.
i bought the tablecloth for the same price and could probably make 20 pillows out of it.
totally a no brainer.

so was this...
driving down the road and seeing this laying in the middle of it.

i put on the brakes and threw it in the back of my car.
it was a GOOD weekend.


  1. I love that tall, white pumpkin with the boo sign in front of it. It's awesome. I also love the blue and the blood shot eye ones.
    I got my pumpkins out this weekend and got a nice little surprise along with it, you'll have to see my latest post.

  2. somebody somewhere is so confused about WHERE their quilt went. :)
    "it was here when we left for our trip?!"
    ha ha ha
    sounds like a perfect fall weekend.

  3. love your blog today (Monday) the photos are awesome(:

  4. Crazy crazy pumpkins!!! Crazy!!! Love the pillows. Totally genius. Makes me want to stop my boycott of fall decor. Where is your etsy shop girl????


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