Thursday, January 13, 2011

before & after {den/office}

it's almost been a whole year since we started the backroom/den/office re-do.
it has actually been done for awhile...(well almost done)
i just keep forgetting to blog it.

let me warn you, the "before" is awful, horrible and so disgusting i can't believe i am actually going to show you.
this poor room was the catch all, junk, computer room.
but before i show you those pics, you should know this room has had 6 different paint colors since we moved in. 
my decorating styles have changed dramatically over the years
when we first moved in 13 years ago we used it as a tv room.
i was going for the "patriotic country look"
unfortunately, i think i nailed it.
this was the only room that had carpet in the whole house.
blue carpet.
mini blinds.
popcorn ceiling.
country plaid.
oh please make it stop!

we abandoned the tv room once we had the living room painted and the tv room just digressed from there.
it just became known as the backroom.
"what do you want me to do with this?" 
"throw it in the backroom"
you get the drift.
so here's the before pics...don't judge.
 southeast wall
 southwest wall
 northeast wall
 i told you it was bad!!!!!
 northwest wall.  that door leads into the dining room.
the other doorway to the far right of the photo leads into a bathroom.
part of this room was an addition that previous owners had done in the 70's.
the hardwood floor area is part of the original house and the plywood is the addition.

this is during the construction process.
one of the best things we did was to make the door leading into the dining room into a pocket door.
which meant i got to do some demo :)
my husband does not like the demolition process.
i think he thinks it will never go back the right way.
oh ye of little faith.

 those are the cabinets we had built to go on the southwest wall.
 the box between the cabinets was originally a window seat with storage inside, but then i decided it was wasted space.  so it got tore out and a desk was built into that space.
the biggest change happened to this room when i did this.
i painted all the woodwork white.
it made a dark little room, seem big, bright and open.
we also replaced the super inefficient drafty windows.

ready for the after?
it is quite a change i must say.
i wish my pictures really did it justice.
but you'll get the idea.
 the closet's hold all of craig's work clothes and all the computer stuff like the printer and such.

i love my new pocket door...i want one in every room.
i used vintage crystal knobs and handles on the cabinets.
the cabinets and computer are on the southwest wall.

this is on the northwest wall, directly across from the cabinets. 
the door leads into a bathroom.

this area with my laptop desk is on the south wall.
the door leading to the bathroom is directly across from this desk.

 to the left is the north wall....the sofa sits on the east wall.
the floor is a vinyl tile that you glue down.
it is made by adura luxery flooring.
the color is "seaside boardwalk"
it is super easy to clean and hides dirt like you wouldn't believe.
we bought enough to eventually carry it into the bathroom and the beauty salon.
it's hard to tell the wall color in the photos...
it's a  very light beachy turquoise.

i am so happy with the way it turned out.
i spend a lot of time in that room...because it is so bright and cheery.
it is my beach house room in cold snowy kansas.
...and it has made me want to go on a white woodwork rampage through the rest of my house.
and i never thought i would say that.



  1. Wow!! What a transformation!!! Love the white woodwork!!!!

  2. I love your decorating style! Great Job.

  3. It's perfect. Very "you." :)

  4. Now if there were curtains on ALL the windows.

  5. i too nailed the patriotic country look many years ago! :)

    this room looks amazing! i love that shabby white cabinet and the wall color, all of it. definitely beach inspired.

    great job amy d!

  6. it's so nice and cozy.
    and changed so much. :)
    love it.
    i may steal your globe one of these days....but i know better than to try to sneak into fort knox.

  7. Well done! I love the cabinets. The thought of knocking walls out and creating something on your own sound like fun to me. Hmmmm......what wall do I want to blast into oblivion?

  8. It's beautiful!! Very beachy.

    Doesn't knocking out a wall feel soooo good?

  9. I LOVE IT! Awesome job! I really like the white. But the curtain pattern is my favorite!

  10. You did a GREAT job! Where do you go to find those awesome white antique cabinets/buffets? Where is your favorite antique shop?

  11. Hi! Love your transformation! I just found your blog via Meg Deursken and have been browsing it all morning! Awesome blog! I stumbled upon your bierocks recipe and sent it to my sister and showed my husband and it's on the menu for superbowl sunday!!! We've never heard of 'em! Thanks and happy blogging!

  12. Sensational transformation. The patriotic before was a hoot...I have similar pics of my old fishing lodge themed basement, arghh! I could see some reading on that couch, followed by nap.


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