Thursday, December 24, 2009

catching up...part 2


so i got my Christmas presents a little early this um, 4 weeks ago.
they technically weren't "Christmas" presents, but it felt like it.
first of all...

my super sweet husband got up at 2am on black friday, stood in the freezing cold
and bought me these!!  woo hoo!!!

is it possible to love a big mechanical box...let alone two!!!??
they do everything i need them to do...except fold and put stuff away.
wouldn't that be nice!

i found myself watching the first few loads like a tv... :)

even craig has commented several times how awesome they are.
i couldn't agree more..thank. you. craig.

and the next day....these showed up.  double woo hoo!!!

they came much earlier than i was told they would.
that usually never happens.
my sofa finally got some friends.

besides me, someone else was very happy also.

she jumped in one the minute the delivery people sat it down.
i think she thought they brought them just for her.

maybe this means i can take back they stuffed gorilla i got her for Christmas....

enjoy the holidays.
enjoy the weather...umm blizzard outside for us.
enjoy your family.
enjoy the food.
but more than anything...enjoy the day that  JESUS CHRIST WAS BORN!

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  1. im glad for you that the chairs came in early (:
    and im glad for your talking washers.
    and im expecting to see you new years (:



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