Friday, December 11, 2009

cold & happy mail.

i woke up yesterday with a cold.
despite all the hand sanitizer, hot liquids, & not touching anything
at the doctor's office.
it. didn't. help.
why. why. why.
cold's make me whiney  & cranky, can you tell?
it's the last thing i needed. ugh!!
i almost didn't get the mail yesterday cause i was so tired,
and i didn't want to see another bill.
but i'm so glad i did.
no bills. YEAH!
just this cute little box.
all for me!
it's just what this cranky girl needed .
thanks kandis!!

is my ornament exchange partner.
she lives in montana.
i can't even imagine living there.
to. darn. cold.
 she said she would melt if she lived in kansas. :)
go check out her blog here.
she has the cutest little girl.
a sweet little princess miracle named karlee.
she sent me TWO ornaments
and a wonderful christmas card.
woo hoo.

this beautiful angel holding baby jesus
and this adorable metal snowman.
my tree is now complete.

beki from pamperingbeki hosted the ornament exchange.

she was a brave woman.
there were a ton of names on the list,
and she had to partner up all of them,
and then send out hundreds of emails.
i bet she went through several pots of coffee
and gained some grey hairs.
so go visit her and show her some love.

here is the front of the ornament i made to send to kandis and her family.

 and this is the back.

i knew i wanted to do a glass charm of some sort, and my friend
susan came up with the  idea of "J.O.Y."

i got a surprise thank you email from kandis yesterday.
it made this cold-ridden girl feel so much better.
you made my day.
oh, and so did this...



  1. Oh. my. gosh. I LOVE the JOY ornament!! I recognize all 3 of those polka dot papers. Some of my favorites! Awesome, awesome job!

  2. I'm coming over to steal the metal snowman!! I love both the ones you recieved and also the one you sent!!

    Also feel better soon, I've had a cold (or something) and I'm finally feeling better.

  3. the ornament you made for the exchange is soooooo cuteeeeeeee, of course you know you still owe me one..something like those would be awesome!!! (: (no pressure, yesterday would be fine!!)hahaha!!
    looks like the squirel is enjoying his dinner, with no miley around.


  4. Amy.....I am soo glad you loved your ornaments!! I felt a little bummed when I opened yours and saw the time, thought and effort that went into it!! Knowing what a miracle (a 3lb miracle to be exact) my daughter is, it made my day/Christmas to get that ornament!! It has sooo much meaning!! Thanks again!!


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