Monday, October 10, 2011

happenings and winner.

it was another packed weekend for us.
weekends really should be 3 days instead of just 2.
i would happily go with a 8 day week, as long as 3 of those were considered weekend days.

craig and i walked down to our town's annual food festival...
you know you had a good time if you waddle all the way home in misery from all the yummy food and desserts. 

1. cast iron cobbler  2. mr. jost, cobbler cooker extraordinaire.  3. finally made it to the front of the line.
4.  what we were waiting on...BEST PORK CHOPS EVER!!  5. flame master pat.  6. creepiness.  7. best seat in the house.  8.  good music.  9. PIE!  'nuff said.  10. peppernuts (ick!)  11-13. suz's curly head cuties.
14. packed house.  15. seconds on the cobbler :)

miley's friend twig came to stay for the week...
1.  trying to thief the m & m's.  2. super close-up.  3. waiting for those elusive squirrels.  4. twig  5.  chasing squirrels can lead to getting stuck in the compost bin.  6. waiting for treats.  7. miley

a local church hosts a "blessing of the animals" ceremony every year.
we have had almost all of our animals blessed over the years.
this was miley and twigs first time.

1.  waiting patiently  2. listening to the message.  3. getting to know everyone.  4.  miley being blessed with holy water.  5. wondering why she can't just drink the holy water.  6.  she heard the word "treat"  7. twig being blessed.  8.  the dogs just kept coming.  9  miley and kelly.  10.  being blessed tuckers you out.

and now for the winner of the birdie plaque...
congratulations to...

kristin said...
uh, please. and i want to shop your leftovers too.
kristin, please email me so i can get this little birdie to his new home.
thanks to all of those who entered!

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  1. I'm so glad you took photos and blogged Taste of Newton. I took my camera and then got overwhelmed. I didn't take a single shot! I was on total sensory overload. Next year, I'm going to go early and eat so I can spend the rest of the evening taking pictures.



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