Tuesday, October 18, 2011

parks family.

a good friend of mine asked if i would take some photos of their family.
i said yes right away...but then later got a little freaked out.
yes, i like to take photos...but i never had done a family before...
luckily i think they came out pretty good...my friend LOVED them, and that is all that matters.
...and it doesn't hurt that they are all beautiful.
their girls are super adorable!

miss bristol was so good the whole time!
don't you just love all that hair? ...and those chubby cheeks? 
 3 months old and she already has pigtails!  such a CUTIE!!!

miss skyler may grow up to be a model..she loved getting her picture taken.

i learned a lot that day...
shooting people is so different than shooting objects and places.
i definitely had a lot of fun though.
thanks jake and kelli....it was a BLAST!


  1. Wow, you did an amazing job! I LOVE all of them but my favorites are the picture frame and chalkboard shots. What clever ideas!


  2. Amy - You did a Great Job with the pictures! Maybe you'll have to do this as a side job as well :)

  3. Go commercial. Those are great pictures!


  4. dad and i thought you did a wonderful job for your 1st time! :)
    what a beautfiul family!! blessings,


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