Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the best of cali with my bestie...

so once again i'm slacking...
i think i finally have figured out why.
i've self diagnosed myself...because i am that smart :)
i call it T.Z.D.
time zone depression.
here's the definition: when one leaves their favorite time zone and has to 
                              come home to their least favorite time zone.  
                              (exp.  when you spend 10 days in BEAUTIFUL california
                                with your best friend and then have to come home to blistering
                                hot, allergy ridden, bad hair humidity, flat kansas)
works for me.
that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

anyhoos, enjoy some pacific time zone photos.

dana point:
5:00 o'clock somewhere....

knotts berry farm....home of the infamous picture.
creepy things:
(well it is!)

not so creepy thing:

the orange county fair.:
 ...and apparently you can grow sunflowers and palm trees together...just not in kansas.
and no fair is complete without a giant milking cow.
and btw... m & m pretzels seem to be the drug of choice for people with T.Z.D.
just say'n.


  1. What fun! The food, the palms, the beach, ahhhhh.
    You've been quite the traveler girl. No better excuse for not keeping up with the blogging. I would do the same.

  2. chocolate covered bacon that doesn't sound good ): but the candy place does (:

  3. You keep this up and I might not ever be able to visit your blog again.

    You're giving me flashbacks to my childhood... (other than the margarita part.)
    *sigh* Love CA. Love Knott's Berry Farm... Love palm trees.


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