Monday, August 2, 2010

hollywood thrifting.

i  barely have 2 weeks in between coming back from california and leaving again for colorado.
that hasn't left much time for blogging.
my work schedule was overloaded, laundry was piling up, bills were due, and this past weekend was spent camping at the lake for my friends birthday party.

so there's my excuse...
let's move on to some pics from hollywood.
literally within 10 minutes of being there, 2 cars crashed in front of me...
my hood was full of broken tail light covers. 
they really know how to welcome a girl.
craig's uncle from another brother's mother lives there.
he's lived there for years and years and is a artist.
the best part is though...he loves to go thrift store shopping with me.
since tonya flew in way later than me, i hung out with him all day.
we started at this little coffee shop half a block from his condo.
it is where i found my new favorite dessert obsession....gelato!
it's like HEAVEN IN A BOWL!
i think i tried every flavor they had.
the salted caramel was to die for...but so was the mango, the peach, the chocolate...
you see where this is going right?
the whole rest of the trip i was hunting down gelato places.
i think i may need to open one here in kansas...
in between a coffee shop and a gym.
so after my gelato fix we headed out to chai town for some thrift shoppping.
i have to say i am becoming quite the awesome california driver...just ask tonya. :)
somebody may or may not have been cutting me off.

we went to three different stores.
i only took my camera into one of them though...and someone wanted to know if they could buy it.
i could of brought this whole store back with me...GOODNESS it had great things in it!
it blows my mind what people in hollywood toss...with the tags still on!
if only i had a 70's party to go to!
i spent $13.00 between the 3 stores and scored 2 bags of cute clothes.
we spent the rest of the afternoon walking all my trips to hollywood, i never realized 
there was a subway...i just assumed with all the earthquakes and such they didn't have one.
i guess i was wrong.
they have really cleaned it up over the years...
i remember the first time we came, it was kind of disgusting.
now it's really pretty and fun to hang out in.
i usually stay out of the tourist spots though...too many whack people.
we ate dinner at campendo's like an el pollo loco if you know what that is.
it's basically a fast food mexican chicken place.
they had yuca fries..yuuuum!!
i need to open up one of these too. 

well that's as much as your getting for now anyway...
i have to go back to work so i can pay for this trip!


  1. I hope you bought those awesome wood shoes, they would look great on you.
    I know Venice and Santa Monica well. Ahhh good times.
    Just looking at your pictures makes me want to go somewhere...anywhere.

  2. there's a Gelatto place in Wichita---old town near the Warren! yummy

  3. sorry that was me, not the roths---she logged on my computer earlier today--oops

  4. fyi, they have gelato at Lincoln perk in hesston. Great stuff!


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