Friday, September 3, 2010

the best of cali with my bestie...part ?

blogger was being a booger.
i uploaded all of these pictures 3 times...any more and i would've given up.
it made me want to punch my computer.
but violence against computers rarely solves i've been told.
anyway, it finally complied.
maybe it knew it was fixin to get punched?
so maybe threatening to punch your computer solves problems?

so before a big fat error message shows up, i should get to the goodness.

because there are still pictures to be shown...
and it's  becoming obvious to me i took way to many.
but i am bound and determined to make you suffer through all of them.  hehe.

first up:  oceanside.
 they have been working on cleaning it up the past few years,
i'd say it's working...well sorta, we did witness a drug deal go down right in front of us.
but the new pier is super fabulous! 
it has a ruby's diner at the very end of it. 
ruby's is a favorite of gourmet burgers, topped with avocado of course.
the railings had thousands of names carved into it...
it was super nice of them to include us.
it was a typical sunny cali day and the beach was packed.
there was even a little entertainment.
AND, i found my favorite little beach car AGAIN!
we stopped at ocenside on our way down to san diego to meet up with my cuz and some friends of tonya's.
since i was still on a gelato kick and we had some time to kill, my cuz found a place on coronado island
that could help me with my addiction.
one problem.
it required us...and by us i mean me, to drive over the coronado bridge.
in case you don't know me in real life, i have a crazy fear of driving over high bridges and overpasses.
i have nightmares about it.
i always drive right off the edge...always!
it didn't really click when he first told me we would have to go over the bridge, then i suddenly remembered when we were there last time and he drove craig and i underneath it...i instantly got knots in my stomach.
i believe i said "i WILL NEVER, EVER be able to drive, let alone ride over THAT bridge!
in case you don't know what this crazy thing looks like...
i think when it did hit me i slammed on the brakes a little...then i started to panic.
my temperature skyrocketed and my palms got all sweaty.
i said there was no way i could do uh!
apparently i will do just about anything for gelato.
it did however require the steering wheel death grip, slumping down in my seat so i couldn't see over the edge, some serious breathing techniques and everyone in the car telling me i could do this!
yes, i did it...twice in fact.  one way in and one way out!
the gelato was worth it...and so were the views of the island, not the bridge (my eyes stayed in constant contact with the little white line!)
i would totally want to live here if it wasn't for that monster of a bridge.
i loved this house...
check out the water feature off the front porch...fabuLOUS!
we walked around and did some window shopping before we met up with tonya's friends for dinner.

and jeff posed just for you mom...
thanks jeff & michelle for a great time!  can't wait to do it again soon!

the last remainder of our days were spent:
at the beach...
more gelato...(no scary bridge required this time)
and learning spanish...


  1. Amy---I really enjoy your pictures and comments so keep them coming!!!

  2. Oh this makes me so homesick. Coronado is my hometown. Isn't that carrier the most impressive massive thing you've ever seen? Thank you for this Amy.
    Please tell me you didn't come to Colorado, even if you did tell me you didn't or I'll be mad that you didn't call me.

  3. it's going to be sooooo short!!
    i want to go to all this too.

  4. great photos i'm getting home sick for california): and jeff...thank you thank you very much, aunt linda


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