Thursday, September 23, 2010

hot & {nasty} cold.

i {heart} summer...i really do.  it's my favorite season of them all.
fall is ok i ranks 3rd on my scale of seasons.
i so dislike winter and what it brings.  it is dead last.
spring just gets me closer to summer so it's second.
my fav things about summer.

the first day of fall has greeted me with a cold...that has turned super nasty in the last 24 hours.
so for today fall  has become number four on my scale.
it's my scale, so i can move things around whenever i please. (nasty cold talking!)
i made a walmart run for all the cold necessities.
kleenex, cold medicine, chapstick, vapor get the pic.
i bought a box of the vicks vapor rub kleenex's.
i made the mistake of rubbing my eyes with it...don't recommend it.
i should sue.  (nasty cold talking again)


  1. ROFL! Sorry about the vicks/eye incident but I have to laugh - I can picture that happening. I bought them once myself and swore to never do it again.

  2. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! What's the matter with you? I'm really sorry that happened, but that's crazy insane.
    This should make you feel right at home. When I was a kid, there were these orange things growing in the planters of the apartment complex we lived in and I picked them and started to write with them on the cement....didn't wash my hands after and got the juice in my eyes, mouth and nose. My first and last experience with habanero peppers. I had blisters in my mouth and nose and had a 24 hr. eye bath going. Not cool.

  3. i am sorry to share my cold with you.
    very sorry.
    at least you aren't in the third row of a movie with it or in an airplane!! :)


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