Monday, September 20, 2010

just what i needed.

so here's the down low on my fabulous long weekend in the o.c.

meg and i missed the first three hours of our trip
boarding the plane...deboarding the plane...and boarding the plane again.
i texted julie to tell her we would be late.
she texted back "fly sketchy air, fly!"

we arrived to a crock pot full of yummy goodness and fun conversation.
we sewed, laughed, ate, shopped, lather, rinse, repeat. it was just what i needed.
julie was a gracious host and has the most beautiful family. EVER!
she makes you feel like you have known her for years.
she has a way with words unlike no other... NO OTHER! i love that.
i would love to be a teenager in her and jason's youth group,
halley & lulu are a delight...."good morning mrs. douglass"
janey is a dream baby.
i could go on and on.

her house screams A HAPPY FAMILY LIVES HERE!
the color instantly makes you smile.
her parents dropped off this cutie for the weekend.
could it possibly get any better??
sleeping in the most happiest room ever in california.
snarfing down toffee crack.
palm trees.
the beach at night. (promise meg)
charliecocoachewy the dog.
sewing on a machine that doesn't eat fabric.
seeing new places.
meeting new people.
shopping at the spectrum.
laughing, laughing, and more laughing.
finding my therapy pillow & lamp :)
hanging with these girls.
this trip to cali was so very different than all of my other cali trips.
but i loved every minute of it!
thanks girlies for a super fab weekend that i will never forget!
and thanks jason for sharing your awesome wife with us!



  1. Llamas!!! How could I forget the llamas? You are by far the best tour guide a girl who has lived in California her entire life could ever ask for. By the way, you totally rocked the Alton exit for the Spectrum. Wrong turn and all. Charliecocoachewy really, really misses you!

  2. it was so good.
    SO GOOD!!!
    let's go back next week.

    your pictures are perfect. i love the details.
    i LOVE it.
    and i miss it already.
    those colors and that happy. and the pizza and the beers.

  3. awww...thanks for letting us get a glimpse of your wonderful trip.

  4. Looks like you all had the best time!
    Thanks for all the pics of San Juan. It's fun to see some of my old stomping grounds. :)

  5. Did y'all try to tp someone's house???

  6. It looks wonderful...all of it. that Amy Butler fabric I'm looking at or Hawthorne (which could be Amy Butler)?
    Now what the heck is Toffeecrack? Explain yourself please. Is it that monkey bread looking stuff, because I just want to eat that.

  7. What a fun, fun weekend!!! Thanks for all the pictures. . .I've already been to the other two blogs and they don't have any :( Seems like you all had a fab time -- make sure you make this an annual jaunt!!!

  8. What a FUN weekend you girls had. Love the colorful happy photos :D

  9. i'm speechless such beautiful colors in different rooms that would cheer anyone up everyday (: glad meg and amy had a great trip. blessings,


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