Tuesday, February 1, 2011

50 feet to craft utopia.

some girls drove 30 min.
some girls drove hundreds of miles.
some girls even flew thousands of miles.
me?  i walked 50 feet across the street.
for what you ask?

for this.
i am still on a crazy high from all the amazing women i got to
craft with.
laugh with.
 (we were laughing with you waffle, not at you)
catch up with.
eat with.
antique with.
& chat with.

all of these girls are bloggers, minus two of them....but that might change (right jana & cindy?)
to some people i know it sounds a little sketchy to be hanging out with people you meet on the internet,
but they were all awesome...like we had known each other for years.

my neighbor meg hosted all of us for a three-day crafting extravaganza.
it was a giant slumber party...
funny stories, crafting in PJ's, eating all the wrong (but delish) stuff, staying up super late, sleeping in.
this needs to be my job. :)

we made 3 different crafts...
julie taught us how to make these awesome flower necklaces.
i ended up making 2 because i was instantly addicted.
a rainbow one...
and a goes with anything (gray) one.
craft # 2 was taught by ashleyann.
they were these uber cute artsy embroidery hoops.
this was mine.
usually when i start a craft project i have a vision of what it's going to look like.
not this time...i probably sat for 30 minutes just staring at all the fabrics and felt.
i felt very overwhelmed, which is SO not me.
i finally just kept throwing stuff together til i liked it.
for once i felt a little out of my comfort zone of crafting...which turned out to be good for me.
i love how everyone's came out completely different.
craft project #3 was ruffled pillows, taught by heather.
we were buried in ruffles.
this is the one i made.
i felt very at ease with this project...i love sewing.
i was lucky enough to have a mom who taught me when i was super little.  thanks mom!
jess gave everyone ruffled pillow envy when we saw hers.
it was so full and so soft.
believe it or not, these were all made with a men's button down shirt (the back) and t-shirts cut into strips and ruffled 
(meg's blog has links to all the tutorials)
i have a feeling i will be adding ruffles to everything around here.
i'm sure craig will just love that. :)

we even took a field trip to a great antiques store that even has a huge barn full of goodness.
the little lady working there was all dressed up for "kansas day" (the day we officially became a state)
she was so stink'n adorable in her dress and bonnet.
i just wanted to make sure you out of staters didn't think that's how us kansas folk dress everyday. :)
everyone found lots of goodies to take home.
how could you not?  look at all this stuff.
little baby cole may be pre-disposed to crafting and antiques (or silverware hoarding) after spending all weekend with us.
meg's dinning room  hall, was turned into craft central.
 it looked like meg was running a sweat shop. haha.
 faster julie, faster!!!
waffle didn't seem to mind being surrounded by girls.
or being denied the use of the glue guns.

-to all the fabulous women who were there... jess, kimberlee, heather, julie, meg, amy, ashleyann, cindy, & jana.
thank you for the fun weekend.
it is something i will never forget.
i feel as though i have been blessed by meeting each and everyone of you.
you were all awesome,
and you are all so wonderfully creative & kind.
thanks to all of you, i am officially addicted to crafting retreats & enrolling in space camp.
..so when's the next one?


  1. I am kicking myself for missing that antique shop on my quick drive through Kansas!

    LOVE your pics
    fun to read everyones posts...
    looks like such a beautiful time!

  2. loved it amy!!
    thanks for lunch/dinner.
    glad you finally got to the barn!
    you are a crafty queen!

    and.....i have to buy you some more wine. i maaaaay have opened yours last night. HA!

  3. I'm so happy all of you got together. I read all of your blogs so in a way I felt very connected to all of you getting to spend time with crafting. I love it all!

  4. I read Meg's post then came by to visit you. You all looked like you had an amazing time...such fun to hang with the girls, craft, eat and laugh. Life doesn't get any better than that.

  5. Oh my!!! i wish i could goto a antique barn like that! i went giddy looking at the photos...

  6. i love this fun weekend you were so lucky to enjoy!! i am your latest follower! xo

  7. Oh my gosh, how lucky are you girls to have had such a super fun and crafty weekend! I love all the crafts you made!

  8. Visiting from Meg's blog & now following yours!
    What a FUN time you guys had & what a great group of women! (I am friends with Heather & Julie in real life) LOVE those ruffled pillows! I don't know if I am brave enough to try them...I am a rookie sewer!

  9. What a fun weekend! I am so rusty at the crafting thing but I'm trying to get back into practice. I think I'll be stalking you:)

  10. I just stumbled on to your blog by way of Pinterest. I love this crafty weekend you all had! I don't usually comment on blogs but I saw the Barn, and I live in Kansas, so I must know what it is called and where it is at!!!!

    1. the barn and antique shop is in hillsboro, kansas. barely makin it antiques... the barn is just outside the city limits..ask the people at the antique store about how to get there since they own it also.

    2. Thank you!!! I can't wait! I live in the Wichita area so Hillsboro isn't too far. So fun!


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