Thursday, February 17, 2011

snow shovel to flip flops.

kansas weather is perplexing to me....
7 days ago the temp was -17 degrees.  MINUS!
...and we were buried in this.
today the high is nearing 80.  say what???
maybe that groundhog isn't so lame after all?


  1. WOW thats some deep snow!
    the weathers abit crazy in the uk too, we had snow like that but -10... which for uk is VERY COLD! - we have lovely sunny days, then really cold days...when is spring coming? ha!

  2. It's been beautiful here in WV too but, like you, I was beginning to think that groundhog was a big fat fibber! It's been a long hard winter just about every where but Spring is on it's way ... I can feel it! Enjoy!


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