Wednesday, May 11, 2011


in honor of my 38th (really???) birthday...
here are thirty eight random things, thoughts, whatevers about me.

#1 why is it that 38 sounds so much older than 37?

#2 it was time to retire my most favorite jean shorts yesterday....they (used) to velcro shut.
but every time i bend over they open up.  no bueno!  adios old navy faithfuls!

#3 i seriously could eat totinos canadian bacon pizza every day.

#4 my flowers i planted almost 2 weeks ago are looking awesome.  my water bill, not so much!

#5 i graduated 20 years ago this month from high school...wait? that has got to be a typo!!!!

#6 my favorite magazine is coastal living...imagine that.

#7 why am i not on some coast right now for my birthday???

#8 me and miley share a birthday month...her's is on the 31st.  even in dog years, she won't be as old as i am.

#9 i love seafood. (fresh seafood)

#10 per my husband, i just ordered a new canon (big girl) camera for my birthday.  YES!!!!!

#11 i love baseball and so much. (sorry coach fox!)

#12 of all my blog posts, the number one most viewed is jan's potato burritos

#13 i heart polka-dots.

#14 i think i have the greatest neighborhood and neighbors ever!    REALLY!!!

#15 my favorite (adult) drink right now is a frozen mojito...followed closely by the summer beer at sadies dog bar.

 #16 i only crack eggs one handed.

#17 thirty-eight  things is a lot, this is going to take forever!

#18 it's all your fault danielle, you suggested i do this!  remember?

#19 i used to clean houses in high school.

#20 i also was a waitress, cook and worked at k-mart. 

#21 when i went to renew my drivers license, i had to change my weight.  (she asked!  the nerve!) UGH!

#22 she at least let me pick a good picture.

#23 hubby is taking me to a new restaurant in town tomorrow for lunch, then sadies for dinner.

#24 i am going to be a great-aunt.  that really makes me sound old!

#25 my sweet surrogate  teenager gave me a big bouquet of balloons and a necklace and earring set for my birthday/mothers day.  :)

#26 i had to clean house yesterday, so i broke my cardinal rule of turning the a/c on until july.  it was 100*!!!!

#27 if coffee tasted like it smelled, i might consider actually drinking it.

#28 i can't wait for our trip to see my bestie this summer in maine!  lobstah every day!!!!

#29 my favorite flavor of cake is red velvet...just say'n :)
#30  i wish i could get braces again...the invisible kind though.

#31 i think at some point in my life, i have had every color of hair imaginable.  the ronald mcdonald red was by far the worst!

#32 when i cross my eyes...they start bouncing back and forth really fast.  people say it's creepy.

#33 i used to be a gymnast and cheerleader.

#34 my first car was a 1981 powder blue, 4 door hatchback chevy chevette.  (we called it the S#@! vette...or the wheat-vette...long story!)

#35 i still have the pair of guess overalls my grandma bought me in 8th grade.  i think i got every penny of the $99 she spent on them. 

#36  i said i still have them...not that i can still wear them.  because i can't. BOO!

#37 i love stormy weather.  the color of the sky, the smell, sounds of thunder.  good thing, cause that's the forecast for today.

#38 who cares if i'm 38....i would rather have a birthday, than not have one!


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the day!

  2. hope you had a great day amy!
    happy birthday!

  3. Wishing you an AMAZING birthday! I loved your list....and woohoo to the new camera!!

  4. happy birthday to our daughter i was in labor at 2:30pm this afternoon and you came at 5:46pm just in time for supper haha!

    mom and dad

  5. I really do think we could be twins separated at birth, except that we don't look alike. I'm totally a coastal girl, I love seafood and my favorite cake is red velvet. Do you remember Karen Runco? I have her red velvet cake recipe in her handwriting. I love it!

    I, too, think you have the most amazing neighbors and neighborhood.

    I'm going to choose your birthday and age since we're twins now :)

    Hope you had a great day, sweet birthday girl!!!

  6. Love number 25!

    Dislike number 28.
    Tawya you and I need to have a talk!!!

    Love you amy and hope you had a great birthday!

  7. Hope your birthday was great! Oh and I had a pair of velcro capris from old navy that I cant wear anymore because they wont stay fastened...sigh!


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