Monday, May 9, 2011

spring barn sale.

as much fun as the barn sale was on saturday....i am relieved it's over.
it's a lot of hard, but definitely worth it, fun work.
...but i am exhausted.
which is why i am just now getting this posted.
i loved seeing so many new and familiar faces.
i met lots of other blogger girls too.
it's weird, but yet fun to me, when someone i don't know tells me they read my blog.
i met a blogger who drove 4 hours just for the barn sale.
it was awesome to meet you nicole
i couldn't have done all this without my neighbor amy j ...seriously!  she was a HUGE help.
this was our..."i can't believe we are here by 7:30 am"  smiles.
if you know me in real life, then you know i don't see the sun come up very often.

i'm pretty sure i dominated the turquoise market with my booth. :)

estimates that around 500 people shopped the barn sale.  WOW!
have a look at some of the other great booths...
i loved all the great color made the flat kansas land  look very festive.
i bought the turquoise keep calm it.
 it was a great atmosphere...families, girlfriends, dogs, even a few horses and husbands. :)
thank you miss beki (& josh), for all your hard work to make this sale possible.
your farm is awesome!
i can't wait to do it again in the fall!
...and thanks for all the wonderful shoppers who came out and supported me!


  1. It was so much fun!! I was more than happy to help you! Already looking forward to the fall! :) (Unless Craig wants to help you this time...) :)

  2. Did you sell a lot?! Your booth looks awesome. You've got very cute stuff. I've been working on making one of those yarn wreaths....for about 6 months now :( I am so good at starting projects, not so good at completion!!

  3. What a fun day it was. I love, love, love the pic of you and Amy in the mirror. Too gorgeous women and an adorable photo!

  4. Love these!! It's a good thing I was suck behind my booth all day because I see lots on here that I would've bought if I'd seen it. I could've spent major money if I were a shopper there!

    I hope you decide to participate again in the Fall!

  5. Lots of fun - I just LOVE my cradle I got for the baby. Can't wait to get it all ready. I also am enjoying the other items I got. I can't get London's new pj's off her that I bought from the Vintage Girl.

    I still wish Beki would sell me a piece of the land out there - so pretty with all the trees

  6. I would love to have been able to come to the sale! Do you still have the Kansas Girl signs?

  7. It was so much fun to meet you too! Hopefully, I will see you again in October. :)
    Have a wonderful day!!

  8. yes, mary d. i do have a kansas girl can email me if your interested.


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