Wednesday, May 4, 2011

some 411.

i feel like this year i have been so inconsistent with this blog. 
i guess i am valuing my sleep more than i used to.
anyway, here's the 411 on what's been going on lately.

last week our downtown hosted a art and music festival.
i walked down with my neighbor jenn and little miss london.
after many nights of cool, damp weather, that night was near perfect. 
most of the downtown stores were open and had a local artist and a local music act in each store.
my friend susan's mom had her art at the clayworks gallery, so we stopped in to say hi.
london got to help create a mural that is now on display in the thrift shop front windows.
it was super colorful and anyone could add to it.
jenn's hubby russ joined us for the rest of the night.
i'm sure it was just so he could see the creepy elvis guy sing.
i picked up this adorable guy for my friend who lost her grandma.
you couldn't help but smile when you looked at him.
losing grandma's is heartbreaking, so i hope that this little squirrel can help out with that.


i finally got to play in the dirt.
my compost bin was full of rich soil this year...let's hope my flowers appreciate it.
the only day that was warm and that i had time to plant, turned out to be the windiest day all year.
ridiculous wind gusts up to 60 mph.
it exhausted me.
but it is now done.
which make me happy every time i look out my windows and see all that color.


my camera or picasa (not sure which one) ate my Easter photos.
i know they have to be here somewhere.
i'll probably find them next Easter. :(


i am finishing up all the little details for the barn sale on saturday.
i am a little nervous to tell you the truth.
i have never done anything like this before.
but my neighbor amy j will be with me, helping out, so i will have fun either way.
i really hope it goes well...even if i sell one thing i will be happy.
i just think no matter what, it's gonna be a fun day.
AND, it's supposed to be 83 degrees!!!
thanks for all the good weather prayers!

in case you missed the hours and directions from one of my other posts...
hope to see you there!


  1. I can't believe you went to that Hippie fest downtown.

  2. How do you start a composte bin? I need one of those. Do you care to do a post on that? I would LOVE to know.

  3. Remind me to tell you a funny story about Corey's hippie comment...

    As we drove by that evening, we heard the creepy Elvis guy singing a Willie Nelson song. Strange.

    SOOO excited for Saturday!! (not the 7:30 set up part, though.) :)

  4. I think the creepy Elvis guy was the high light of the night - ha ha It was fun just being out that evening - the weather was perfect. I will see you on Saturday after London's art show in the morning. yeah!

  5. Tomorrow's the big day!!! Best of luck!

  6. You just saved my hide! I knew I had seen directions to the Barn Sale but I couldn't find them anywhere. My goal today was to find them again. You're the best!

  7. lots of luck with your barn sale!


  8. Ummmm creepy Elvis dude made me gasp out loud.


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