Sunday, August 28, 2011

for the love of maine.

i think know that this was one of my most favorite vacations ever.
my hubby & miley
my best friend.
3 whole weeks.
the lake
the ocean
good friends
frozen mojitos
and much more.

i have so many pictures...SO MANY!!
it's hard to choose, and i want to look back at this post someday and remember it all.
don't worry, i promise not to show you all 2100 + photos today...
just about 65 of them
or so. :)
in no particular order...
love the sound of the water hitting the rocks!
lifeguard duke.
grey squirrels make it a little harder for miley to ambush spot.
tonya and sean's flower her smile.

brave souls...
if you got got a commemorative t-shirt for surviving.

never did see one...

what to do when it rains.

coming in for a landing.

waiting for a fish.

fun place to eat fresh caught seafood.

lake rescue.

miley loved to go on boat rides!
 "should we help him?"

scary wall cloud. (and don't worry, the guy in the background isn't peeing, he's pumping the water out of the dock floats!)

the eagle that lives on the lake island.
swooping in for some supper.

regular bowling...
and candlepin bowling
a little friskiness at the bowling alley. :)

lake cruising.


dock & lake loungers.

the water was like glass.

roller disco. :)

craig heading back to the airport via the bus...  :(

my bestie!   love her!

silly miley.
watching the chippy channel.

they were lobster rolls ever!!

sail boats.

i miss hearing the loons everyday.

i miss the beautiful sunsets too!
i love how the reflection off the lake onto the trees looks like a heart.
phew!  that was a lot of pictures...hope you enjoyed them.

...and with that, you would think that would be the last of the maine posts.
ya, it's not.  :)
stay tuned.


  1. Still loving all of it. Keep thos pictures coming.

  2. YOu are a great photographer. Love the pictures of the smooth water! marlu

  3. ahhhhh! the memories!!! the lake was glass yesterday morning too! hope some of my pics turned out...


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