Monday, August 1, 2011

forty five and two.

today my bestie and her hubby are celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary!
i am so happy that they found each other...
they are perfect together.

friday, my parents celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary.
we took them to olive garden and surprised them with a group of their friends.
i'm pretty sure they had a good time catching up with everybody.

congratulations to both of you!


  1. ahhhh!!! how sweet! love the pictures - and your parents are looking good! thanks so much!

  2. congratulations to tonya and sean can't believe it's been two yrs of course I can't believe it's been 45yrs for jim and i plus we knew each other 4yrs before! went to the prom all 4yrs in high school he was a jr and i was a freshman.


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