Tuesday, August 23, 2011

lobsters and lake fun.

this is the sign that welcomes you to sean & tonya's lake house.
i blurred out the address for obvious reasons. :)
this was the sight for a majority of the fun we had while in maine.

...like cooking up all those yummy lobsters we brought back from our lobstering expedition.
do you think they know they are dinner?
i try not to think about it, actually.
he was trying not to think about it too!

miley was quite intrigued with them.
she liked to tease them, but didn't like it when they teased back.
steam bath time...
the lower pot contains water and beer while the top pot the lobsters go in is empty, so they steam cook them instead of boiling them.
we cooked them  both ways while i was there...it didn't matter to me, they taste yummy either way.

all 12 lobsters fit into the pot, but you have to hold the lid on for a while... or they... well, you know.

20 minutes later...all done.
when they are bright red, they are ready for a plate.
and ready to be devoured!
i loved being able to eat outside all the time...over looking the beautiful lake that looked like glass most of the time.
it just doesn't get any better.

on our way back from lobstering we stopped for a photo op with a ginormous lobster.
 out of 5 pictures, this is the only one without the boys making goofball faces.
we also stopped at this great outdoor market stand that has locally grown and homemade goodies.
 i bought a jug of maine maple syrup. :)-
i love places like these...the people are super friendly and helpful.

...ok, back to the lake
miley love, love, loved hanging out on the dock.
she would even stay on it, without her leash.
well...most of the time.
there may have been a couple chipmunks that talked her into chasing them. 
she always had to greet everyone who showed up.
cousin duke showed her how to be a lazy camp dog.
he also helped her out of some sticky situations.
miley's favorite was hanging out with auntie tonya on the daybed and being silly.
she also had fun swimming in the lake, and then back to lounging on the dock.
one of sean's friends brought over his old school jet ski for people to ride.
duke had to check it out.
this is one that you stand on, or sit on your knees.
no comfy seat.
you have to work HARD to keep it balanced and going.
that is, if you can get it going!

craig and that jet ski, just didn't get along...
tonya finally got up.
duke even took a little ride.
i happened to get up on my very first try...
i may or may not have been called some bad names by everyone who had previously failed to get up.
-until next post peeps!

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  1. Okay, you are just going to have to stop. I have my bags out and I'm ready to move. Thisis just too perfect.
    I love Miss Miley's life vest, she's so cute. Kudos for the sweet ride on the jet ski.


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