Friday, August 26, 2011

insta-friday...socal love.

 laguna this crazy beach and all the crazy people.

my belly was oh so happy.
got to meet sweet  mr. shane.
totally weird, yet yummy soda.
beach stalker.
bumper to bumper as usual.
missed your yumminess, and your mac & cheese.
the best icee ever can be found on balboa island.
you would of thought i bought this in maine, not socal.  my sofa loves it.  (and me too!)
happy weekend.


  1. What fun pictures and great memories! I love your new header!


  2. My old stomping grounds!! We moved to Spokane, WA last year from the OC and boy do I miss those beaches! Laguna is gorgeous, right?
    Lots of memories made there.
    Looks like you had a great summer...CA and ME??
    Jealous. ;)


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