Tuesday, February 2, 2010

framed & on the wall.

when we traveled to maine this past summer.
(oh summer, how i miss you!)
i bought a couple of prints from a local art gallery.

to buy them matted and framed was way outta this girls budget.
(not to mention, my hubby would of said "no")
so i just bought the two prints, knowing i had a secret weapon back home.
we'll call her jan and she may or may not have a daughter named susan...
but because she is my secret weapon i can't show you her face.

she graciously let me come to her super secret matting and framing cave
(blind folded of course :)
and helped me bring my paintings to life.
i waited til hobby lobby had both their frames and mat boards 1/2 off.
then i pounced.
i picked out white frames with a charcoal mat board.
see those hands?, those are the hands of a super kind, sweet and very talented woman...who is a gifted artist.
even though i can't show you her face, i can show you her assistant rex.
he may or may not be a black cat...it could just be a disguise.
he's very good at laying in his beanbag chair and meowing orders.
they turned out even better than the super expensive, already framed ones back in maine.
i want to live here.
i hung one in my breakfast nook.
and the other is upstairs in our bedroom.
i love that every time i see them i think of our trip to maine, and how beautiful it is there.
thanks again super secret weapon!
i had lots of fun.


  1. Amazing! I love that secret weapon of yours, too. ;)

  2. i know the identity of that lady but your secret is safe with me(: guess i'm have to teach susan how to decorate a cake so we are not left out(:


  3. Funny!
    Beautiful pictures.

    Linda, I have your amazing frosting recipe... however my lack of attention to details prevents me from ever being a great cake decorator or picture framer :)


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