Saturday, February 20, 2010

seventeen years ago...

i married my supercop.
big, white, puffy sleeves and all.
don't was the early 90's
i would NEVER pick out that dress again. sleeves are as big as my head!
i was 19, craig was 25.
some days it seems like yesterday.
and some days not.
back then, it seemed like an extravagant wedding.
by today's standard, it wouldn't even be close.

our nephew matthew was our ring bearer...he was 18 months old.
now he's graduating from high school....
and our flower girl is getting ready to be a momma.
the two of them  make me think i should be old.
and i'm least i don't feel old.
ok, maybe some days.

look at what i made my poor friends wear...
matching big, puffy sleeves, only this time in emerald green.
...and check out that mess of green tulle on their heads.
my apologies girls...
i don't know what i was thinking.

....i guess it doesn't really matter what we all wore.
what mattered is that i married the guy i loved... still love.
even more than i did then...17 years ago today.
happy anniversary craig!!
love ya!


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY CRAIG AND AMY and many more!! I still think you were very beautiful in That dress and bridemaids also. the weather here is raining,snowy, and cold so enjoy the weather while you can please come back (:

  2. Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it was that long ago. You forgot to mention your balloon arch at the back of the church. ha ha - I definately don't remember the bridesmaid dresses. I remember that it was a nice wedding and that I was impressed that you sang a song for Craig.

  3. You sang a song?! What?! I didn't even know you sing! Happy Anniversary to our favorite next door neighbors! :)

  4. Yea!! What were you thinking making us wear those??? See the way I did it, if you don't like your dress 17 years from now it was your own fault! lol

  5. Oh my goodness...look at Nikki! That made me laugh!

  6. oh boy. . .

    - i think that's all i can say.. (:


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