Friday, February 5, 2010


it's so quiet around here today....

something is missing....
miss miley is at the vet.
she loves to go there.
they give out treats...and kisses.
she squeals with so much delight that it becomes a little embarrassing.
she loves her dr. karen very much.
she is getting her teeth cleaned today.
you should know by now how vain she is.
always primping, just in case.
...and if you know me, you should totally be impressed 
that i was up this early :)


  1. I definitely was impressed! I saw you coming home after I got back from school drop-off this morning and wondered why you were out and about at my time of day ;-)

  2. bet Miley was glad when mommy picked her up!! what a spoiled doggy now miley be sure to use colgate on those teeth (: love, grammy


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