Tuesday, May 4, 2010

how i started my morning....

i was sitting in a waiting room today.
two "older" ladies are across from me.
one of the ladies has a huge sewing box with her and is sewing something funky looking, by hand.
the other lady asks her what she was making.
the sewing lady responds "it's a sleeping bag for my ferret"
other lady "what's a ferret?"
sewing lady "you know, a ferret"
other lady  "is that a kind of dog?'
sewing lady "no! it's a ferret!"
other lady "well i don't know what a ferret is!"
(because  i can't take it anymore and am trying desperately not to laugh i chime in)
me "it's a weasel"
sewing lady "it's not a weasel!!!"
me under my breath "uh, ya it is"
other lady "you own a weasel??"
sewing lady "it's NOT a weasel!"
(nurse lady with clipboard opens door)
me under my breath  "please let her call my name...PLEASE!"
lady with clipboard "amy"
me "guess that's me"
as i'm walking away i can still hear the sewing lady jabbering away because i called her ferret a weasel.
when i came back out and saw that they BOTH were still there i flew right past them and never looked back.
what a way to start a day!
...and hello?
about.com ferret facts:
Ferrets come from the same family ("Mustelidae") as badgers, wolverines, otters,  mink, weasels, black footed ferrets and polecats.


take that, crazy sewing lady!


  1. Couldn't she have just bought a tube sock and saved herself a little time?

  2. I DO enjoy your posts! Please keep it up.

  3. Oh my heck! Sewing a sleeping bag for a WEESEL (oops I mean Ferrit). Give me a break. What's it going to do, use it for sleep overs at it's other weesel friends places? Too bad you didn't have a dictionary with you to set crazy ferrit lady on the path of understanding.

  4. Thanks for a great laugh!

  5. Hi - don't know how to reach you by email so this is in response to a note you left on my blog: Re: Shiloh Shepherds: The people that had this one said they were not allowed to buy "breeding rights", had to have her spayed, and also had to have her stomach tied (my understanding of this is that it is to prevent a twisted gut that larger breeds sometimes get.) But WOW!!!! What a sweet, gorgeous animal she was!!!


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