Saturday, May 22, 2010

just stuff.

nothing too exciting has been happening around here.
i'm still up to my eyeballs in primer...i really don't think it's ever gonna end.
just when i think i'm almost done, i find something else that needs primed.
and everything that has been primed will then have to be painted....ugh!

miley has a house guest this week...milo the puggle is hanging out while his momma went to hawaii.
oh how i miss that place, and that drink!

 since i needed something else to do, the pond pump decided to quit.
i had to run to wichita to pick up a new one.
all that work and i didn't hear one fish thank me...
obviously i didn't raise fish with manners.  :)

the sun finally showed up, YEAH!!!!
the gloom and doom of the cloudy, dreary, rain filled skies was killing me.
i need sun like a car needs fuel.
when i run out i start to putter and break down.
we have a sweet little momma and her nest just outside our back door.
someone likes to watch her.
trust me..she wouldn't hurt her, she is too skittish.
she stays outside on the porch for like a minute.
if a leaf blows across the driveway, she runs for the door.
i have a wussy cat....with no manners either.
she is such a big snob.

i tried lobster pizza for the first was so yummy!
but it will never compare to the lobster i had in maine.

i love my new birthday shoes...
i wear them all the time.
according to craig, they seem to be working...
the first day i wore them, craig grabbed my butt and said "oh ya, they're working"
thanks honey...i'm sure a 30 minute walk is all it would take.  HA!


  1. Any ol' excuse in the book to grab a girl's butt huh? That's okay, it was a nice compliment.
    LOBSTER PIZZA! Are you kidding me? Was it good? I'm a lobster fanatic. Have you ever tried lobster ravioli? To die for. If I was on death row, that would be my last meal request.

  2. great photo of craig and you (: would like one............please!
    must get those shoes for myself it could be my anniversary gift oh yea!
    i need all the help i can't get in the firming areas.........(:


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