Tuesday, May 11, 2010

thirty seven.

why does 37 sound so much worse than 36?
3 years and then i'm 40...ugh.
how did that happen?
didn't i just graduate from high school?
last week, craig proceeds to ask me what i want for my birthday and
before i could answer, walks out of the room.
umm, ok then.
so i corner him later and tell him i want a certain kind of tennis shoes.
he comes back later and says
"do you know how much those things are????"
i said..."it's my birthday, and i have wanted them since Christmas."
he then says "we can go to wichita when i get home from work to get the shoes."
i said  "ok, i have to go to wichita in the morning also to get work supplies"
he then says "oh, well why don't you just pick them up then"
i won't tell you my answer to that, but it wasn't pretty!
long story short...
we are now going to wichita, together to get the birthday shoes.
...and hopefully  definitely dinner!


  1. Next time order the shoes online, pay for overnight shipping and buy yourself a nice running jacket to go with the nice shoes. That'll teach him. You gotta get things going in the right direction early on girl.
    Happy Birthday. I'd like to be 37 again.

  2. happy birthday to the cutest girl on the block (: and good for you for standing up to craig taking you to wichita!!!!! love, mom

  3. Should I be offended by your mom's comment? I think we have some pretty cute girls at our house, too. :)

    Happy Birthday, neighbor!! So happy we live beside you! (Who else could I call my "bestie" otherwise?!) :)

    Have fun in Wichita!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday!!

  5. Welcome to 37! It's not so bad.
    Happy birthday.

  6. Happy Birthday! We should of headed out to Reba's last night to celebrate :) I remember a very fun birthday there a couple years ago - I won't post any pictures from that night. I hope you had a good.

  7. happy birthday amy!
    one day late.
    37 is great....40 is the new thirty right??
    how was dinner?
    hope it was a fun night.
    i say let's definitely go to reba's! i missed that first round...

  8. I just turned 40 a couple of weeks ago. It stinks.


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