Saturday, May 8, 2010

more random.

the guys came and installed our shiny new windows yesterday.
the room is finally getting closer to being finished.
i promise to show you horrible before, and awesome after photos when it's all done.
i still have a lot of painting to do.  LOTS!!!
another quick peek.
all that painting made me and pooch very hungry...
a sandwich for me.
and a bone for miley.
my lilacs smell soo good.
i just wished they lasted all summer long.
everything i planted is really starting to grow.
i have to water almost everyday already.
that means a mammoth water bill...ick!
for some reason, we have really high water rates around here.
we are hoping to put in a well soon.
at least i can water some of my stuff with my make-shift rain barrel.
so what if it looks a little's free!

so it looks as if my weekend is gonna consist of painting and watering.
miley has it made....she is in charge of taking care of this pooch.
i'd happily trade with her, but i don't trust her with a paintbrush just yet.


  1. That sandwich needs to be in my belly.
    Bacon? Avacado? YUM!

  2. You should have smelled and seen all the lilacs when we were just in Rhode Island - AMAZING!!! We plated some in Texas - I hope they can survive the hot summer. Can't wait to get to the camp and smell the hedge of them at the Green's.

  3. Happy Mother's Day to Marley's other mommy. (Although I'm pretty sure she loves you more than me.) :)


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