Monday, May 17, 2010

i can't make a decision...

about flooring.

i always know what i want.
not this time.
i can't decide.
when did flooring get so expensive?
like crazy expensive?

i have a ton of samples.
from a million different stores.
of course the few i do like are way outta the budget.
seriously...some cost as much a a decent used car!
i feel like i need to take them all back.
start over.

maybe someone could just pick one for me.
and why your at it, could you pick a paint color too?


  1. Firstly, what is that slate? If so, you DONT want it. Take it back. I would go with a nice hard wood. Inexpensive (relatively) and it's always tasteful. Just my opinion.

  2. Amy what products are they? Are they stone or tile? It looks like products I am not familiar with. I have a neighbor who is putting down something that looks like tile but is not. I forget what it is called. She is putting in laundry room, I will see if she is happy with it. Shelli

  3. I'll pick your flooring if you'll pick my countertops. It's driving me batty!!

    And I went with white paint for the kitchen. I haven't had white in years and I'm pretty stoked about it! It's called "Plantation White" and it's beautiful.


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