Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ChRiStMaS: hUbBy'S SiDe.

we spent a couple of days here for our next christmas.

talk about a super small town!
this is where craig grew up, and his parents still live.
craig's brothers family flew out from sunny california.
and his sister's family drove down from snowy minnesota.
neither one made it in when they were supposed to, because of the awful weather.

there was a ton of snow when we got here.
but eventually we all got together...and the pile of shoes in the foyer proved it.

we dropped our shoes, coats, hats & scarves and wasted no time opening the
traditional stockings.

my oldest nephew matt had the honor of getting them down. (he's also the tallest)

he was only 18 months old when he was our ring bear for our wedding...now he will
be leaving for college soon...{ahem}
craig's mom & dad stuff the stockings (and a big paper sack) with all sorts of goodies.
you just never know what you'll end up with...post it's, tupperware, batteries, and maybe
if your lucky you'll get some "funk water"

hmmm....i don't think we have that around here :)

this year craig's mom gave us all a roll of pennies....for the "leftover stocking auction"
she had a slew of stuff that you could bid on...or just try and outbid someone else :)

i came home with lots of new rubbermaid dishes and about 100 pens.
by march i will probably only be able to find 3 of the 100 pens....how does that happen?
poor miley ended up with the crazy telephone panties that made it into the stockings about
5 years ago...somehow they just keep finding their way into someone's stocking.

even our old dog molly ended up with them one year.
i think they even traveled to california for our christmas last year.
i have a feeling they will randomly keep showing up...

OK so BLOGGER has decided to get cranky and stop letting
me add pictures....so i guess this will have to be part 1 of  our
concordia christmas.  sorry.  but when blogger is cranky there is
just no sweet talking it into cooperating, so sorry to end this post
with pink telephone panties...it was definitely not the plan :)  HA!
...or was it? just kidding.  i have to have something to laugh at
since blogger is making me cry. boo hoo hoo.
i will finish when booger blogger quits throwing it's tantrum.
soon, i hope!  :)



  1. next yr i'm going to concordia so i can get one of those traditional christmas stockings!! can't wait to see the rest of the photos!


  2. you think concordia is small, try chapman. [from corey]


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