Saturday, January 2, 2010

ChRiStMaS... mY SiDe.

on the sunday after christmas we finally had our first christmas with my family.
with craig a police officer, my brother a paramedic and my sis-n-law a nurse,
finding a day that they all have off is no easy task.
the presents were wrapped, and the food was filling the house with wonderful smells.

my mom's christmas tree was white with vintage ornaments.

someone seemed to be doing a little pre-present peaking.

it was finally time for some much needed holiday food.

my brothers kids, dylan & sierra got a wii from santa.
so we worked off the turkey with a few games.

even grandpa got in a little bowling.

uncle craig vs. dylan & sierra.

i tried the canoeing....
by that evening i could no longer move my arms.
the next morning it was actually worse.
nothing like a video game to let you know just how out of shape you are. :)
next it was on to presents.
my mom got a giant cupcake cookie jar.

we were hoping it was full of dice.
dad got a much needed new jacket...hopefully he will retire the old one. it needed it.

i took the kids shopping a few weeks ago....way easier that way.

i made this pillow for sierra's new bedroom.

dylan got night-vision goggles. he tried to talk me into a bow & arrow set.
ya, like that was going to happen.

craig who is a big k-state fan and my brother darin who is a big nebraska fan got their gifts
swapped.  hehehe.

we spent the rest of the day playing the wii, eating more food and going to walmart.
we went home stuffed.
us and the car.
the next morning it was off to concordia for craigs side...more to come.


  1. Cute scarf your mom is wearing! :)

  2. love my big cupcake "cookie" jar which i put my BIG spoons and spatuals in and very handy to get to..!! now meg you can't have it!!



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