Monday, January 18, 2010

the dog who blogs: it's all about me. part 1

miley mae douglass

i am 1/2 italian greyhound &
1/2 wiener dog, so i am fast.
i have the bestest family
and the bestest friends.
follow my blog (most) every
monday and see the world
through my big brown eyes.

i thought that maybe some of my fellow followers would like to know more
about my awesome self, so this post is just's all about me.
what kind of pooch am i?
well, if you read my bio at the top you would already know.
just kidding!  italian greyhounds are a miniature version of those rabbit chasing,
racing greyhounds, bedsides that my coloring is mostly brindle.
i have legs like a kangaroo, a very long schnoz and body, and very alert ears,
one of which stands straight up or out depending on my mood.
i must add that i am also very cute & i am loved very much.
how did you end up with your family?
my daddy saw my picture on  he convinced my momma
to call and see if they could come visit me about 2 hours away from their home.
they had recently lost their first ever dog "molly mae" to cancer and knew that they
wanted to give another doggy out there that needed a family a chance.
to say it was "love at first sight" would be an understatement.
here is a picture of my sister molly:

she was 1/2 wiener dog and 1/2 beagle. 
i wish i could of met her, i know we would of had that sisterly bond.
when is your birthday?
not soon enough!! i like birthday parties!!
but the official date is may 31st 2007.
so in just a few months i will be 3.
i'm hoping for one of these.

it seems like it would be the perfect size to buzz up to that bank window and get some biscuits.
...and speaking of the bank, when we were there the other day i got a personal wave from none
other than the bank president himself!!  i think we should do lunch ray and talk about maybe
handing out a few more biscuits at that window.  call me.
what is your most favorite thing to do? 
well that's an easy one.

i have developed my own special trick to catch those things.
first i gather a pile of leaves adjacent to were momma feeds those things.
then i back myself into it and blend in.

then i wait...and i am good at that.

i have a lot of patience when it comes to hunting squirrels.

then when the little unsuspecting things come down the tree i spring into action.
so far i have only gotten a tail, but i've learned that baby steps are the key.

besides hunting squirrels, what else do you like to do?
long walks on the beach.

  ok, so long walks anywhere.

chase and dominate cats.

hang out and play with my friends.

i have lots and lots of friends.  i really [heart] friends.

my friend duke has a facebook page...i would totally have one but momma has enabled 

some sort of "parental controls" so i can't create one.  i'm pretty close to cracking that
code though, so look out!!
i mean it's obvious that i have some serious techie skills in me or you wouldn't be
reading this.  am i right or am i right?

i also enjoy commandeering strollers from miniature humans....just for fun! 

i also like to like the wind that is.
i find it very freeing & exhilarating.
...and because of my lightning fast speed there just isn't a camera out there
that has been able to capture it.

so there you have it....for now anyway.
there is so much to tell about me that i am going to have to break it up
into segments cause lets face it, these little keys take a toll on me.
i would really like to find a keyboard that has giant keys to make it 
a little more user friendly for my gorgeous paws.  do they make one?

so stay tuned next week my peeps for the rest of the 411 on me, miley.

oh, and as a side note...i must give a shout out to my grammy today cause 
today it's her birthday!!!  





  1. thank you miley i've had a wonderful day. grandpa took me out to eat at the olive garden then to a movie. he got me two blouses from katherine's and a braclet and it very pretty. got lots of cards and other gifts. love you miley,



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