Saturday, January 23, 2010

word tray.

remember i said i was going to do something with these.

well, i got the enamel dish turned into something fun for the kitchen.
i'm still working on the vintage tray.
this is what i made.

it was super simple.
well, if my printer would of been nice at would have been super simple.
but i'm hoping you have a better relationship with your printer than i do with mine.

find a old tray, dish, pan, or whatever. wipe it down, so the glue will stick.
i found mine at the thrift store for $2.
print out a word or phrase to fit, you obviously could use any color you want.

please don't ask me which font i used....remember printer issues.
cut out the letters.
  if there is still a little white showing from cutting them out, use a sharpie or marker to match
and just touch it up.
brush glue on the back.
i used aleene's tacky glue because that's what i had.
i'm sure you could use any glue that dries clear.

position your letters so they are obsessively straight :)
make sure you smooth all the edges down.
that's pretty much it.

you could set in on your counter or hang it on the wall like i did.
just don't use it for food....if you do, i am not responsible :)
to hang it, i bought some metal hangers and glued one to the back
with E6000 glue (hobby lobby)

see, i told you it was simple...

now, i'm gonna go obey my new sign and EAT!


  1. Love it. You're so crafty! :)

  2. very cute you surprised me i couldn't figure out what you were going to do with the tray!!



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