Monday, January 25, 2010

the dog who blogs: it's all about me. part 2

miley mae douglass

i am 1/2 italian greyhound &
1/2 wiener dog, so i am fast.
i have the bestest family
and the bestest friends.
follow my blog (most) every
monday and see the world
through my big brown eyes.

so i guess since your reading came back for more.
...and honestly, why wouldn't you.
i AM that like-able!
and if you stick your nose right up to the screen i might just lick it.
hey, i warned you!
ok, ok, let's get back to some random Q & A.

do you have any nicknames?
umm, yes.
they include...
miley bug.
miley boogers.
smiley.  (actually only sweet little ol' addie calls me that when we visit her in the nursing home)
i have no idea where that last one came from.

where's your favorite napping spot?
i can nap just about anywhere, but i prefer my laundry basket.

do you like to travel...and where have you been?

oh yes...i heart me some travel!
i love to ride in the car...especially to the bank, but i think we have established that.
if we take a long road trip i like to hop back and forth between the front seat and the back seat.
i always bring my blankets too, but now that i have my sheepskin, i think it will be my new
"must have" travel accessory.
i have a knack for making people in other cars smile when daddy's zoom's past them.
when we fly on airplanes i get to ride in my box.

which fits into MY OWN stroller.
ya, ya, ya....i've heard it all.

my box fits right in, so it's like being a VIP at the airport.
i actually have 2 boxes.
one of them used to be my friend duke's.
he got a new one, so i use his old one to play in at home.
momma says i get a little crazy in it.

and for where i have been....concordia, wichita, winfield, marion lake, dallas, and my momma's favorite,
southern california.  
i'm hitting the road next month to see duke in texas, so i can add oklahoma to that list.
duke has been to like 10 states.  he is a super traveler.

i wonder if he gets travel miles?

do you have any allergies?

i have to take a benedryl  almost every day.
i think i am allergic to cats!
or i guess it could be all the stuff on the ground, like leaves & grass.
but i'm pretty sure it's cats :)

what's your favorite food?

i like it all....even if i'm not supposed to have it.
ok, so maybe not lettuce.

but because my daddy's a police man....i am fond of donuts.

don't worry dr. karen, its not a real donut, it a chewy. :)

i notice you are very fashionable....what's your favorite accessory?

i like my hoodies the best...i am hoping to pick some more up when we are in texas.
but probably the most important fashion accessory i have is my new name tag.
...and not the one that i made crafting here.
i've already broke that one.  NOT MY FAULT!!!

i ordered a new awesome one from momma's bloggy friend beki. 
it's hard to show it to you 'cause all my info is on it and that's not safe to put on the web.
(at least that's what momma says")

it's got my name and info hand stamped onto a metal is super flashy...just like me.
i love it beki, thanks a lot! 
....and why your over visiting beki...check out her giveaway.
it's a super pretty heart shaped necklace...perfect for your favorite human, and just in time
for VALENTINES DAY!!!  hurry, the giveaway close the 28th!

ok, ok, i hope i have answered most of your questions. 
if not, drop me a line.
i'm cool like that.
i have to get the house ready for a doggy guest this weekend.
he came to meet me today, and i really, really like him.
i have to stand on the couch to be nose to nose with him.
i'll fill you in next week with all the havoc we will surely wreak.

later taters!


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  1. I can't think of a better dog to make a custom tag for! Miley, I'm glad you asked me. :)


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