Sunday, January 10, 2010

my scarf along scarves.

back in warm  & toasty november...
the scarf along project that julie put together.
i didn't make all of them though.
i seem to be one of those people who make something
a couple of times and then get bored,
waiting for the next great project to come along.

i made the skinny version first.

my mom saw it and snatched it up.

so then i made the cozy version...
perfect for the "fargo" like weather we have been
experiencing lately.
i used sherpa fur on the back....super cozy!

and my mom snatched that one up too.

then, my niece saw my mom's and wanted one.
so we ventured to the AWESOME fabric store downtown
that i HAD NEVER BEEN IN...can you believe it?
i guess i always thought i had to go to hobby lobby to
get cute was i ever wrong.
IT WAS AMAZING...and unfortunately for my husband,
a new place to spend some moo-la.
we picked out some cute fabric that matched her coat.

isn't she a cutie patootie?

i found the trim at the thrift store...a huge bag for a quarter.  SCORE!

her and my nephew were staying with grammy and grandpa that
weekend, so i made it for her so she could take it that day.
it literally took me an hour.
she loved it....and so did her friends.
but this sweat shop was closed...for a while anyway.
i plan on making some more soon, because gosh darn it, they are


  1. just love my scarves i was truly lucky to get them!! boy sierra sure looks cute in her's.

  2. I love those scarves!!! Are you planning to post a how-to?


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