Thursday, January 21, 2010

thursday night.

i'm gonna keep this short and simple...
it's thursday night.
which means my dvr has been working overtime.
ok, so it does most nights, but thursday it really does!
and i am planning on watching every show.
especially project runway.
i don't won't to risk finding out who's "out" on facebook.
so i have taken my nightly bubble bath early.
slipped into my comfy jammies.

situated all the pillows and blankets on the sofa.
turned the tv in the direction for prime viewing.
grabbed a  snack and a drink.
and hid the phone...if i didn't answer, now you know why.
this will take me wee into the night, and probably the next morning.
so i will probably get a late start on my crafty project tomorrow.
here's a hint...
just wait til you see what i do with these.

now i am off to indulge myself in prime time.  :)


  1. i know !, i know !
    what the project is i mean.
    and i bet you need a lot of recuporation from the erlier experince if ya know what i mean (:

  2. can't wait to see what you do with them???? enjoy your evening of televison. i had a enjoyable evening at the Elvis Tour Concert it was GOOD thank you..thank you very much(: even Dad liked it!!!(and I got kissed by 2 different Elvis's, hot flash coming on.(:

    a elvis fan??



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