Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the trading post.

every time we go to concordia, we conveniently never
have time to stop at the antique stores.
i blame this solely on my husband.
he hates shopping.
but he loathes antique shopping.
not his thing. period. exclamation point!

so this time i devised a plan to leave him at the house
while the girls went downtown.
i headed straight into the store that i eyeball everytime
we drive down main street. "the trading post"
the most i can ever get from him is a "slow drive by"
it's like he's rubbing it in my face..."see anything you like",
and then he floors it!

this place is 2 full buildings packed to the gills with "heavenly stuff."

there are drawers upon drawers of good stuff.
places like this overwhelm me at first.
i feel like i'm never gonna have enough time to see it all.
i might miss something.
something  i might need! :)
(and that last sentence was in a very desperate, whinny voice)

i wanted everyone of these jars...but i had to restrain myself.

every good antiques store always has a mascot.
this is isabelle.  see the two blurry spots above her...she licked my camera.

she was just as sweet as could be...
once i petted her, she became my personal shopper.
she helped me spy this.

obviously since it is sitting in my breakfast nook, i bought it.
i had it loaded in the car back at the house so craig wouldn't see it until he
was packing up the car to leave.
i acted surprised by it's appearance in the car. :)
there's no way he could was only 15 bucks!!
i've spied one like it in my mom's basement for years, but she would never part with it.
know i have my own.  YEAH ME!
i also found this lamp.

the base is absolutely beautiful and it lights up too.

i didn't buy it when i was downtown with the girls.
i wanted to think about it and maybe grab it when we were leaving town.
i almost forgot and we were a mile or so out of town when i quietly said.
"ummm, honey, there was this lamp at the antique store i wanted to get, and i
forgot to have you stop when we left...could you pleeeeaaaasssseeee
turn around so i could go get it."
i got the "look."
i also got the lamp.
and this giant roll of string.

it seems like i'm always needing string for something and never have any,
and it was only $1.
my guess is, i should never run out of string.
never. ever.

i'm chomping at the bit to get back there.
...and to all the others i haven't gotten around too.
maybe i'm just gonna have to make a day trip without him.
sounds like a plan to me.  who's in?


  1. I'm in! I want those jars of treasures!I haven;t been to Concordia for 10 years! I can only imagine how much it has changed.

  2. Sean is the same way - hates shopping. I awaiting your return to Maine so we can check out the ones up there!!!

  3. I'm in. This is probably more do-able for me than the flea market in TX. Corey may be more agreeable to a day trip. :)

  4. i'll go i want one of those ice scoop's!!! and whatever else i could find after i down size.


  5. I'll go - just give the date and time - Heck I'll even drive :)

  6. you know i would go. :)
    i love the pictures amy!


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