Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ChRiStMaS: HuBbY's SiDe...conclusion.

ok, so now that blogger and my internet company is done throwing
their tantrums, lets get back to christmas in concordia.

....after the pink telephone panties disappeared, it was time to
open the rest of our gifts.
i had asked for a new frying pan.
with a glass lid.
and a handy helper handle.
...gee i wonder what this could be?

yeah! thanks shelli...i love it, and have already used it a couple of times.
i sent my old crappy, unlevel, scorched pans to the trash.

craigs parents went on a walmart black friday shopping spree and got most
everyone a set of these...

they just happen to be the official colors of the cloud county community college thunderbirds
in concordia.  i know, it's a lotta C's.
i really wish i had a picture of everyone sporting their new sweat suits, but alas i don't.
i can give you an idea of what we would all look like if you can use your imagination:
wanna play?
ok, ready, set, let's go!
mentally picture the above sweat suit on all these people. (except miley of course.)

think of a hip & cool name for our little bunch....such as, oh i don't know,
maybe the "silver platters"
picture all of us doing this:

hey, i never said it was going to be pretty.
pretty funny maybe.
we were all supposed to go bowling that day, but ran out of time.
lucky for concordia huh?
we could of all waltzed in wearing our matching attire.
wouldn't that have been a sight!

here are some more "sights" around the house that day:

this was craig's dad's train from when he was little.
we had a very festive table.

see all the rolled up paper tubes?...they are christmas poppers.
we started doing them a couple of years ago.
they are a tradition for my sis-n-law  keryn from socal, who is originally from south africa.
we all cross arms and grab a hold of the ends and pop them before we eat.
each one has a little prize inside, as well as a paper crown.
...and yes, we eat with the paper crown on.
this is what we look like, and what craig thinks of wearing the crown through dinner :)

such a drama king :)
miley was loving all the attention she was getting...
along with the "oops, did i drop some turkey on the floor"

this one cracked me up because miley's ears made the girls look like they had a little facial hair problem :)

i took miley out to play in the snow while the girls built a snowman.
you may notice there are no pictures of either...
that's because miley decided to run to the other side of town through the snow.
laughing all the way i'm sure.
i was running as fast as one could in twenty layers and huge snow boots
through knee high snow.  
at one point i fell in a snow drift up to my elbows...and she just kept running.
bad dog!!!!
and when i finally caught her...she knew it too! 
i'm sure lots of concordian's got a nice little christmas jolly from watching me.
i swear i could hear them rooting her on.
for her efforts, grandma marilyn sent her home with this.

a lovely sheep skin that she laid on in concordia.
she loves it.
i am still not sure about it.
it's a tad creepy for sure.
but it's protecting miley's favorite perch on the new chairs.
so i guess we'll keep it...
poor sheep.


  1. Did you have a brace on your arm???

  2. not me tonya...my niece andrea had broken her arm and had graduated to the brace. i guess our hair looks the same from the back. :)


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