Tuesday, January 12, 2010


*edited*  this was yesterday monday...today the temperature plummeted and freezing fog showed up dropping what the weather guy claims is falling ice crystals!! 

today i am smiling.
today i could feel the sunshine warmth on my face.
WITHOUT any arctic wind ruining it.
i just stood outside and let it hit my face.
it felt SO GOOD!!

i was beginning to think that my thermometer 
was stuck.
or broken.
i thought that this was never going away.

but the snow is melting.


sunshine makes me happy.
warmth makes me happy.
40* for once in my life
makes me happy.

everywhere i went today i smiled.
everywhere i drove today i smiled
and sang to my ipod.
it was full of all new songs that make me happy!

if you haven't updated your ipod in awhile you should!
it's amazing what some PAT BENETAR, CHICAGO, or
some GO GO's
can do for you.

i hope that wherever you are

you felt the happy sunshine too!

it did wonders for this kansas girl

who should of been born in 

southern california. 

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  1. nice.
    today was not so smiley...that ice and fog...not smiley.


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